I keep hearing about concessions volunteering, what is this about?

Humble ISD supports the fundraising efforts of District band programs by offering the various Band Booster organizations the opportunity to run concessions during all Home games. While this opportunity brings significant profits and much needed funding into our band program, it also comes with great responsibility. Kingwood Park Band Boosters are responsible for staffing and running the concessions for all Home games for KMS, Kingwood Park Freshman and Junior Varsity Games at Kingwood Park High School Stadium and all KPHS Varsity games at Turner Stadium. Our volunteer staff consists of parents, students, siblings and other family and friends of band members who sign up to graciously donate their valuable time to support our Kingwood Middle School and Kingwood Park High School band programs.

When are volunteer’s needed for concessions?

Games start the first week of school in August and run through the football season ending in November. Occasionally, Kingwood Park Band Boosters are asked to staff the concessions for playoff games held at Turner Stadium even after the KPHS football season ends. There are multiple opportunities to volunteer at each game during the various shifts scheduled.

KMS games are traditionally held at the KPHS Stadium during the week on Monday or Tuesday evenings. Shifts start at 4PM and 6:30PM. Each shift takes approximately 4-5 volunteers per shift to run the stand.

KPHS Freshman and Junior Varsity games are traditionally held at the KPHS Stadium during the week on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Shifts start at 3:30PM and 6PM. Each shift takes approximately 4-5 volunteers per shift to run the stand.

KPHS Varsity games are held at Turner Stadium. This large stadium requires the running of 3-4 stands depending on the game. Traditionally these Home games are held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Turner games take anywhere from 55-70 volunteer slots that must be filled. Volunteers sign up to set-up the stands pre-game by running drinks, stocking the stands with product and we are always looking for a “Grill Master” to help grill hot dogs and hamburgers. Shifts for Turner start at 4PM, 6:30PM and 8PM. Some games such as Homecoming, Senior Night and Playoffs may require more volunteers.

There are many other volunteer opportunities as well. Annually, KPark Band Boosters looks for volunteers to assist during pre-season move-in and post-season move-out. We also need volunteers to sit as the Concession Coordinator and Stand Managers. These positions must be filled pre-season and are held all season long.

Who can volunteer? What do the volunteers do?

Our volunteer staff consists of parents, students, siblings and other family and friends of band members. We also open the opportunity to students in Student Council, National Honors Society and other student organizations that require students to obtain volunteer hours. If a band member becomes ineligible during the marching season, we ask they support their band family by volunteering to staff the stands. Due to Health Department Regulations and safety concerns, we ask that no one under the age of 13 be in the stands, volunteers must wear hats and closed toed shoes, and no one under the age of 17 should be handling money.

Our volunteer staff preform various tasks from stocking shelves, stocking stands or coolers with drinks, cooking and heating food, and cashiering. Below are examples of our most important positions to fill:

Concessions Coordinator- This is a season long position that oversees the entire concession program. This volunteer will sit on the KPHS Band Booster Board, perform inventory, place orders, and act as a liaison between the Board and the volunteers. This volunteer also maintains a Food Managers License.

Stand Managers- This is a season long position that manages a stand during their designated games. There will be a Stand Manager for KMS games, Freshman games and JV games held at KPark Stadium. There will be 3 Stand Managers at Turner games. These volunteers attend the game from start to finish to ensure everything runs smoothly and to assist volunteers in the running of the designated stand.

Drink Runners (Turner Only)- Turner Stadium does not offer onsite drink coolers. All drinks must be delivered into the stands and iced prior to the game. This position loads the drinks on carts, delivers them to the designated stands and places them in drink carts with ice. This requires a lot of heavy lifting and pulling.

Grill Master (Turner Only)- Without this position there would not be hot food at Turner. This volunteer steps up to the plate…literally. The Grill Master arrives 3 hours prior to the start of the game and starts grilling all the hot dogs, burgers and sausage-on-a-stick. Other volunteers assist by prepping the buns and wrapping the hot foods as they come off the grill.

Why is this so important?

The Panther Band is an excellent and positive community filled with parents and students who possess a superior quality of character, a ferocious loyalty to the positive development of the program and an enormous sense for humor. We are in essence a family.

Concessions is the largest fundraiser the band program benefits from. The monies raised go 100% back in the band program, benefiting each and every student from their start at KMS to the Seniors at KPHS. Funds raised help to purchase music, marching shows, instruments and their repairs and scholarships. The more money raised, the more the students benefit. This is your band family, helping us helps them.

Being in a marching band, even if only for 1 year, will change a young person’s perception of music and the arts, critical thinking and problem solving, and social interactions. Band family members will develop bonds that they will have the rest of their lives.  As a parent, you can use the opportunity to help in the concession stands as a way to be involved in this activity with your child during this developmental time.  The students truly benefit from being able to know and see that parents participate with them and support them in an activity that will have such a large impact on their lives.  

I want to volunteer. How do I sign up?

The Band Directors will send out information pertaining to volunteer opportunities and the Concessions Coordinator utilizes Sign-up Genius to organize time slots and positions needed. Click on the link below to see how you can help today!

Informational concessions video: Concessions Volunteering

Sign-Up Genius: Sign up here!